Monday, June 9, 2014

Joy in the Journey has Launched!

In case you are happening on this page from an old link I wanted to share that my new blog Joy in the Journey has launched!

So far I have been overwhelmed with the support, feedback and comments. If you enjoyed this blog then you will not want to miss checking out my new blog home Joy in the Journey!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Come check out my new blog!

Hello!! In October I shared with you that I was no longer going to be writing for this blog. During that time I have spent time writing for various websites, and getting used to being  a freelancer.  I have since felt the Lord dealing with me to start another blog with a focus on ministering to moms. The new blog will be launching on June 1st! Until then you can "like" the page on FB to make sure you are up to date when the blog goes live.

Thank you so much and I can't wait until you see what is in store at Joy in the Journey!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

A note to my readers

This will be my last post. After much time and prayer I have decided to let this blog go. The decision was not made lightly and has been after months of deliberation. I have taken 2 breaks in the past, and came back due to my "need" to write :)

I am so thankful to those who have continued to support me and encourage me by following my blog. Due to privacy concerns, and quite frankly my lack of good time management it is time to leave. I have felt the Lord dealing with me on this for awhile now and I have decided to listen.  I feel like to me blogging has become a "keeping up" job. There are so many social media outlets,  link ups, reviews and affiliates that I just am done trying to "keep up". That was never what blogging was for me, but that was what it was becoming.

If you would like to continue to follow my writing check out my author page at Were Just Parents

Who knows, I may come back later after my kids are older under another blog name. We will see :) But, in the meantime I am happy to have writer, wife, mommy and homemaker as my title, not blogger!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

2013-2014 Homeschool Recap #6

We have finished weeks 9 and 10 of school! Alyson has one more week of theatre and things will become a lot calmer around here. She has absolutely loved it and we are grateful for the opportunity!

The girls started quiz bowl practices back up. They are studying the 42nd book of Genesis for this months rally. It will be Kristen's first time on the team! She is excited :)

We have continued on with our 2 devotionals, and I am happy to say that Daniel said his VERY first Bible Verse at church this past week. He said "The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want".
The girls have continued with their scripture memory work as well.
 Language Arts
Both girls have continued on with there grade appropriate work. I have decided to bump Kristen up to Rod and Staff Spelling 2 at the first of the year. Alyson wanted to challenge herself and has skipped a few Spelling lessons and went to the review lesson. She did surprisingly well! This is a huge feat for her, because just a year ago she was really struggling with Spelling. Very proud of her!
The girls did their book reports on their genre choices for the month of September. Kristen's was Pioneer Cat and Alyson's was In Grandma's Attic. They moved on to new genre's. Alyson chose Realistic Fiction (The Secret School) and Kristen chose Humor (Capyboppy).
Both girls continued on with their work. No problems so far :)  
We spent some time doing real world Science and explored the great outdoors! We went on an Autumn Scavenger Hunt, and also picked up and identified some leaves. This leaf book was my 4th grade Science project. We pull it out every year and identify leaves.
We also did a few projects with Apologia Science. We studied migration, we studied how birds fly, and their flight pattern, and we also did an experiment on what color bird feeders birds prefer.
For our migration study Kristen chose a Mockingbird. We learned that mockingbirds migrate to Mexico for Winter, and some go to the southern tip of Florida.  Alyson chose Blue Jay's and we were surprised to learn that few migrate. They may move around, but very few go South for the Winter. The younger ones are more likely to migrate than the older ones.

We could tell no big difference in our bird feeders, but the red one weighed a little less after a few days, so our conclusion was that birds prefer red over green :)
We have had a blast with Mystery of History the past 2 weeks. The kids studied Stonehenge, and ancient pyramids, and learned about the mummification process (yuck!). We made mummies out of their barbies also. We had never studied any of these things before so it was all new, and fun! I am also really glad I bought the note booking pages. That has been a huge help in comprehension, and giving them something to do while I read the lesson.  
We did a hodge podge of Art projects over the last 2 weeks. We made coffee filter trees, they did water colors, and did some basic projects out of this Usborne cut and paste book. .


We talked about our lungs, and how they work. This book was lent to me by a friend, and they loved it! We also colored the lung picture in our Health coloring book .
Misc Activities and pictures

We have been BUSY! We visited the American Girl Store, an Alpaca Farm, and the Pumpkin Patch over the past 2 weeks.

Overall we did very little in terms of preschool/tot school. The littles just learned with us,and Hallie did some worksheets. We studied Fall and the changes of the seasons. We read books about FALL and the kids explored the outdoors!

Some of us homeschool bloggers teamed our kids up for pen pals. Kristen was super excited to get a letter from her pen pal this past week! Alyson hasn't got hers yet, and is checking the mailbox daily!
Hope you enjoyed a peek into our last 2 weeks of school! What were you all up to the past 2 weeks?


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