Sunday, October 20, 2013

A note to my readers

This will be my last post. After much time and prayer I have decided to let this blog go. The decision was not made lightly and has been after months of deliberation. I have taken 2 breaks in the past, and came back due to my "need" to write :)

I am so thankful to those who have continued to support me and encourage me by following my blog. Due to privacy concerns, and quite frankly my lack of good time management it is time to leave. I have felt the Lord dealing with me on this for awhile now and I have decided to listen.  I feel like to me blogging has become a "keeping up" job. There are so many social media outlets,  link ups, reviews and affiliates that I just am done trying to "keep up". That was never what blogging was for me, but that was what it was becoming.

If you would like to continue to follow my writing check out my author page at Were Just Parents

Who knows, I may come back later after my kids are older under another blog name. We will see :) But, in the meantime I am happy to have writer, wife, mommy and homemaker as my title, not blogger!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Financial Tips for becoming a Stay at Home Mom

This post can now be seen at Were Just Parents.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A peek into our real life homeschool day!

Last year when I did the iHomeschool Blog Hop, I purposely did not do the "day in the life" post. Honestly, I didn't know if I wanted to really write out all that we did, or all that we didn't do... But this year I decided to give it a shot. In some sections you will see parentheses that say (KIR) this stands for Keeping it Real. This is going to be what was "really" happening that may typically not be in a weekly recap post. Hope you enjoy!

I woke up at 5:30 to the alarm blaring telling my hubby to get out of bed. Like most days I laid in bed  till he came in with his breakfast. That is my cue to get up. I spend some time with him before he leaves for the day. When he leaves at 6 I get my phone and do my daily devotion with You Verse. Then I get up and get ready for the day. By 6:30 I am on the computer having my "me" time. This is when I write, check my email and Facebook. On this day I made my collage pics on picmonkey for my bi-weekly recap post. (KIR:This is also when I crack open my first of many cans of Diet Dew-I have an addiction....)

By 7:15 the boy is up ready for the day, I go in, change his diaper, take him to potty and give him his milk and cereal. The girls get up then too. Daniel watches cartoons while I go and make breakfast. The girls get started on their chores.

 7:30-Breakfast: I sit with the kids now while they eat breakfast ( a change from my Unwired challenge) and we talk about the plans for the day. Daniel joins us for his fruit. The girls finish up their chores while I start my daily chores. On this day it is Whites and clean out leftovers from the fridge. I throw some cube steak in the crock pot and tidy up the rest of the kitchen. Hallie arrives by 8 and joins Daniel on the couch for the rest of an episode of Mickey Mouse. I use this time to make a quick phone call, and then turn cell phone on silent.

8:30-I go check the girls chores. Alyson is done and earns a quarter for finishing them up on time, Kristen is not done and has to redo some of her chores ( we are working on teaching diligence and hard work with her). She continues with her chores while we start Circle Time.

We do calender, how many days of school, days of the week, sing a few songs (Tooty Ta and My Fathers House) and do our devotion. We also do scripture practice. (KIR-I have to remind Daniel numerous times that this is not the time to be hitting his sister with his car...) Kristen joins us about 1/2 way through.

Around 9:00-the girl start Language Arts at their school table and I start Tot School with Hallie and Daniel. Our book this week for BFIAR is The Little Rabbit. Hallie is interested-Daniel...not so much! He has the cars out and is driving them on the table. He sits and colors though when Hallie does and looks at the pictures in the book. We also sing 2 fun Bunny songs and he loves that! Hallie works on her name and cuts out the activity for our lap book at the little table while I check on the girls.

9:30-I have to help Kristen with her work, and check Alyson's work. We drill Spelling words and Daniel climbs on my lap for attention. Hallie continues to do her work. by 9:45 LA is done, BFIAR is done and Daniel and Hallie go for their educational TV time while me and the girls move on to History. (KIR-As I am typing this I realize that it is only 9:30 and they are starting their 2nd 1/2 hour TV show...don't judge!)

We finish up History by 10:15, the TV has been off for 15 minutes and Daniel has been pounding on the door yelling "OUTSIDE". I go get him dressed (yes he is still in his jammies) and send the girls outside with Hallie. When Daniel and I get outside I call Alyson over to the swing. I have a child interview to do with her for my Unwired study, she has her turn, then Kristen joins me. Daniel is screaming "swing" and crying by this point.... I tell him "No, I am not pushing you right now" He throws himself on the gravel in tears. Alyson goes and pushes him while I finish up with Kristen.

At around 10:40 we head in the house for AM snack, potty break and story time. (KIR-as I type this I remember we did not wash our hands before sitting down...oops! ) I check my phone and realize I have 4 text messages, I resist the urge to read them and start snack.

We are reading Little House in the Big Woods , and Life in the Great Ice Age . I also pick out a younger book for the little kids. We sit down and within 5 minutes Daniel is "done" and grabbing Alyson's grapes. He starts screaming and pulling on my pants wanting "gummies". I tell him no, he throws himself on the floor. I pick him up and let him sit on my lap while we read "his" book. He likes this, we finish and he and Hallie go play while I finish up with the girls.

By now it is after 11 and I am "behind". The girls get their math and handwriting and sit at the kitchen table while I put another load of laundry in and carry a load to my room. This makes the total to be folded and put away-3.

 I realize as I walk back to the table that I bleached a brand new shirt while pulling laundry out. Alyson needs her speed drills graded and Kristen doesn't know how to do her lesson. About that time Daniel had stole Hallie's blocks, and tore down her tower. She is crying-he is crying....I crack open a 2nd Diet Dew!

11:30-I finally start lunch preparations. I also check my text messages and turn the volume back on in anticipation of the hubby  calling while on lunch. Kristen is done with Math and Alyson is finishing up. I remind them to put it in the "TO BE GRADED" file and not to give it to me or leave it on the table because it will get destroyed.

12-Hubby still hasn't called, I tell the kids to clean up lunch is almost done. Kristen tells me that they want to play. I give her "THE LOOK" and she mumbles fine and they start picking up. Alyson helps me get everything ready, and Daniel starts crying for gummies. I tell him (louder then I probably need to) "Your not getting gummies right now..." he cries louder then says he has to potty. I take him, change him because he didn't quite make it in time, and return him to the play/school room to clean up.

We get everything on the table by 12:15 and lunch starts....yay! I am SO ready for nap time by this point. We make it through with no spills, tears, or complaints (the kids were good too ;) .

12:40-Everyone is done, the girls start clearing off table and I get the little ones down for nap. The girls go do independent reading while I clean up kitchen, load dishwasher, and sweep up the floor.

By 1:00 the hubby still hasn't called and I am getting antsy. We go to the school room and get started on Art. We are learning about Picasso. We do the lesson and I get the paint ready for the project. Hubby finally calls! I leave the girls with their project and talk to the hubby, I am so ready for adult interaction!

1:30-I check on the girls-they are still painting. I sit down at the computer to write and check Facebook.

2:00-Girls are done! I check their work, ooh and aah over it and leave it to dry. They sit and watch educational TV (Magic School Bus) and I continue to write. I really SHOULD be putting away laundry, but decide I'd rather be writing this blog post :) I also crack open my 3rd can of Diet Dew for the day!
And that is what our typical school day looks like. Remember when you check out others blogs (including this one) that bloggers typically give you a small peek into their lives. They I don't put the pictures of the dirty clothes, dirty kids, or the tears on my weekly recaps. I don't think it is necessary to share every bad moment in my day. But in reality, our days are no different than yours. I'm sure other bloggers can say the same!  We have moments when were ready to throw in the towel, we have moments where we yell at our kids or realize we let the toddler watch way to much TV.... were human, were just moms, same as you!

 Fore more day in the life posts click here.

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

My Unwired Action Plan!

I shared last week and the week before about my struggles with being "wired". After last weeks post I continued on with the challenge for the week. Some of what I had to do was easy (spend time with a real world friend), some was hard (interviewing my kids-ouch!). I kept learning, and honestly wasn't always happy with what I learned about myself or my Internet addiction (yes, I think you can be addicted to the Internet). So I decided to make a plan!

Now, some of these I had already done before the challenge, some are new. Either way I am going to hold myself accountable from now on! I have good friends that I know can and will help me along the way (we are in this together ladies!).

1. I am saying yes to real life people more often. A park play date? Sure, why not! A walk to the creek with the kids-yes absolutely! Dinner conversation when we are out to eat as a family instead of texting a friend, of course! Playing barbies with the girls, or cars with the boy-for sure!

2. I am setting a computer schedule and sticking to it! I am scheduling time that the computer will be on and available. The total time limit for the day is 3 hours. The time is scattered in 3 different intervals throughout the day.

3. Scheduling all of my Facebook blog posts! I had done this some before, but from now on I am scheduling them first thing in the morning, or the night before. That is it! I can interact with my readers throughout the day during my computer time, but links, pictures and posts I share will be thought out and scheduled before hand.

4. I am seriously contemplating ditching the iPhone! If I can get or find a phone that still groups texts like my iPhone does I am ditching it. I am due for an upgrade and plan on seeing what I can do.

5.Leaving my phone on the kitchen counter. That is its designated spot from 8-2 everyday. Plus, it is on silent!

6. Turning the phone on silent when out. This includes when I am at the park, out with the family, at the store, library, anywhere. The phone will be in my purse on silent!

7. I am cutting out a lot of link ups. This relates to blogging. I used to participate in multiple blog link ups. I cut out more than 1/2 of them from my side bar. Those that didn't make the cut-I'm sorry! This helps me with time management and ensures that I am reading and hopping around on those that I am still participating in.

8. I have deleted myself from most Facebook and Yahoo Groups. I kept myself in 4, that is all I need or have time for!

9. I am leaving the phone in the house when I am outside with my kids. This ensures I won't be tempted to make a "quick" phone call or do a quick check of my email. It also ensures that I stay engaged in what my kids are doing!

10. The kitchen table is a phone free zone. This might seem like a "duh" but in this house it wasn't. My phone was right next to me-all the time!

I am hoping that by doing this I won't spend so much time later regretting the moments I missed. I want to make the time I have with my family count. I don't want to live my life distracted. I think the Lord has so much more for us outside of the computer screen!

Did you participate in the Unwired challenge? What did you learn, and what is your action plan?

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