Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Well Planned Day Giveaway!!

UPDATE: THE WINNER IS......Chris Mayne!!! Chris check your email for further information on how to get your planner!

I have always said I would be completely honest on this blog so before I go any further I want to say two things. #1-I have NEVER used a planner before this year, and #2-I do get a "commision" of sorts if you purchase a planner from this blog. Ok...moving on!

When I first recieved an email from Home Educating Family asking if would review their planner I was skeptical. I put it on my "to think about" list and moved on.

Before this year I had always used Heart of Dakota, which had everything "planned out" for me. I never really needed a planner. I did things "old school". I had notebook paper in a binder and marked off the days we had school. I tallied them up throughout the year to make sure we had enough days in. I hadn't really kept grades before either, but I knew this year with my oldest moving into 3rd I needed to get used to more planning.

So,  I started planning for this school year and soon realized I was "pinning" all these printables for homeschool planning...so why not try the planner?

I was SO excited to get the planner in the mail! I ripped it open and began looking through it.

I soon realized it had everything on my list of planning printables! Books we are reading-yep! Month at a glance-yep! Attendence tracking for each kid-yep! Report cards, and a place to record grades-yep!

I took all these pictures before I began using it, but as I type this we are starting our 3rd week of school and it is an invaluable tool! I don't really use the week at a glance section the way they are written for English, or Math because we pretty much just do the next lesson in the book. But, I do use the month at a glance by writing in all our activities for the month, I have been recording grades, and writing down the books we've been reading too. One thing I add to the week at a glance pages is I pencil in activities I am going to be doing with Daniel and Hallie for Tot/Preschool. I also go a month in advance and write down goals of where I want to be when we reach that month.

Some other things it includes are:

1. Subject to do lists for your kids! I taped these inside my kids pencil boxes so they can look at this and be reminded of what needs to get done each day.

2. Grocery lists that you can tear out!

3. Scripture reading for each day!

4. Encouraging homeschooling articles!

After spending 3 years without using a planner would I buy a Well Planned Day Planner next year? Yes, I would! And here is 3 reasons why:

1. I can put this planner up on my shelf at the end of the year, and I will always have that "documentation" of what we did this school year.

2. I can write grades, log field trips, attendence, look at what we have going on for the month, write down the extras I want to add on... all in one place! I love that!

3. It keeps me accountable! I was a little worried after having a "boxed" curriculum for so many years that I wouldn't get things done as easily this year. I was also a little afraid that I would forget certain subjects or areas. This planner helps me make sure everything I need to get done, gets done!

So, do you want a planner? The giveaway for a Well Planned Day planner starts today!! I will be picking a winner on my birthday ( August 20th)! To enter click below :) Good luck and Happy Planning!!

2014-2015 Planners are Now Available! 


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